What’s Going On In The Streets

One of the few areas in London to which I have never ventured is ironically also one of the city’s best known, even if that is just due to the film; Notting Hill. I’ve been wanting to explore the area for a while, so today I took the opportunity to visit the vintage market which lines Portobello Road every Friday and Saturday.

Portobello Market has been a vibrant part of London tradition for centuries, and it did not disappoint. As with any street market, you have to sort through the rough if you want to find the diamonds, but most stalls are treasure troves hiding at least one or two gems; and, besides, half of the fun is in the hunt itself. Prices vary, as does the quality of what is on offer; if you’re willing to spend big, there’s anything from beautifully intricate Edwardian blouses to coats by the likes of Burberry and Aquascutum, and I even spotted a lovely pair of Prada shoes. However, if your eyes are too big for your budget, there are many more affordable pieces that can be yours for £30 or less; I found this tapestry and pearl jacket for £15, which I can’t wait to pair with a delicate lace skirt and a pair of Doc Martens to balance the frills against some ’90s grunge:


As I was trying it on, a very polite Japanese lady in a pretty blue dress popped out of nowhere and excitedly asked if she could take a picture, telling me she loved my “amazing fashion” – she vanished as quickly as she had appeared, but she completely made my day!

My overall verdict is nothing but positive; Portobello Market is wonderfully fun, full of odd curiosities, incredible clothes, and lots of lovely people who utterly disprove the idea that all Londoners are unfriendly and stuck-up; oh, and there’s a stall which sells the most delicious crépes in West London.