What’s Going On With You?

Liebster Award, Part One


Today’s post is a bit different to what I have been doing up until now (and probably less interesting!) but yesterday I was nominated for something called “The Liebster Award,” which seemed like too much fun to ignore! I understand it’s a fairly well-known thing, but as a relatively new blogger, I had do a bit of research on what it entailed.

The Liebster Awards are a fairly simple way to get to know other new bloggers; if someone nominates you, you just have to answer the questions that they have set, and then think up eleven questions of your own. Then, tag ten or more of your favourite bloggers, and let them know that you’ve nominated them to answer your questions by posting on their blog. The only rule is that any blogs you nominate must have under 200 followers, because the whole point is to publicise smaller blogs, and hopefully help them grow into bigger blogs.


So, I was thrilled to be nominated; I was even more thrilled that I was nominated three times! After spending about an hour reading how other bloggers had risen to this challenge (I’m quite nosey), I realised that I was going to have to come up with some interesting answers to the questions I had been sent. The thing is, me answering over thirty questions about me isn’t amazingly interesting; I’d get bored writing it, and you’d get bored reading it. So I thought I’d do one at a time, and spread them out a bit; that way, I can tag more new blogs each time, and think up more and more questions; as I said, I’m quite nosey. Here goes!


The first Liebster I got was from the lovely Emily at The Porcupine’s Prophecy (which, by the way, you really should take a look at because she is so wonderfully creative and talented; she MADE her own tutu. I can’t even sew a button on straight).

Here are my answers to her questions!

Where do you buy most of your clothes?
I’m a bit of a chic tramp; Brick Lane is my favourite place to shop (Beyond Retro, Absolute Vintage, Rokit and Found Loved are MUSTS), but I also like the odd charity shop or market. My favourite high street store is probably Topshop.


What is your dream job?                                                                                                       I basically want to be Anna Wintour. Or a spaceman.

Dream celeb husband/wife?
Karl Lagerfeld, marry me and we’ll take over the world.


What is your most worn item of clothing?
My baseball jacket, which I bought from Rokit years ago. That jacket is probably my best purchase ever; it was marked down from £60 to £15, and its so warm and big and I just love it so much. Actually, can I change my answer to the last question, I want to marry the jacket.

How would you describe yourself?
An indecisive chameleon.

What is your must have beauty product?

What could you not live without?
Boring answer; my phone. If it ever got stolen, I would hunt the thief down and superglue crocs to their feet.

Favourite food?
Pasta is the reason I survive

Lip gloss or lipstick?
Lipstick every time

Favourite youtuber?
I’m not a youtube expert, but Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen” always makes me laugh (she gets drunk and cooks, what’s not to love?)


Okay, my turn to ask the questions! Here are some of my favourite blogs, all of which are far too good to have under two hundred followers, and which are definitely worth a look;

And here are my questions for you all:

  • If you could go into one shop and have anything and everything you wanted for free, which shop would you choose?
  • Which mascara do you use?
  • Which fashion house would you most like to work for?
  • Who influences your style?
  • What would you typically wear on a first date?
  • Eyes or lips; or are you one of those brave people who emphasises both?
  • Do you have something hanging in your wardrobe which you’ve never worn?
  • Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
  • What cheers you up if you are sad?
  • If you won a holiday for two, who would you take with you and why?
  • What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Hope you all enjoy! Now we can be bestest friends for ever and ever xxxxx