What’s Going On This Month?

December 1st

You may have noticed that something fairly important is coming up in the next three or four weeks; something sparkly, something full of light, something overflowing with little chocolates and family arguments and stress. It’s Christmas, and as much as I have tried to ignore all the premature Christmas sales and decorations, I am not sure that I can live in denial for much longer; not now that December has crept up upon us in all its cold, gloomy glory.

dec 1 4

As you may have realised by now, I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to this time of year – sorry! However, I’m determined to get into the spirit of things, and what better way to do that than by making every day about something I – and (hopefully) you – love!

So, here it is; I’ve devised my very own advent calendar, so that every day in December you can open up your laptops and have your own little dose of Candy.dec 1 2

Every day, there will be a delicious new post for you to devour; either something seasonal to get you in the Christmas spirit, some hints and tips for staying fabulous this season (even if you have been to three parties this week and you’ve got to traipse to another one tonight in the freezing cold), and I’ll probably throw in some posts which are completely unrelated to anything, just for fun.

So, let the countdown to the big day begin, and let Candy guide you smoothly through the ups and downs of one of the busiest times of year. You’ll be fine; I promise!

Happy December 1st!

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