What’s Going On December 2nd?


“Christmas isn’t about presents,” apparently, but it really sort of is, and any Hollywood movie which tries to tell you otherwise is probably trying to make money some other way. Although Christmas, shopping can be stressful (to say the least), it can also be a lot of fun, and I always really enjoy thinking up the perfect gifts for all my friends and family. The internet can take most of the anguish out of the whole process, as you can browse from the comfort of your own home rather than having to battle angry middle-aged women and jumbled bombsites of shops; plus, if you’ve got a bit of a plan and you’ve worked out a budget, you’ve really got nothing to worry about!

Except, of course, exactly what to buy that one tricky person who never gives any hints – but, then again, the shopping is the fun part! Today’ post is full of suggestions for presents for men; be it your boyfriend, brother, father, grandfather, friend, or that guy you don’t really know, but for some reason feel obliged to give something. Hopefully we can provide you with some festive inspiration!

dec 2 1

Vintage initial cufflinks; for the suave, slightly quirky gentleman. £10 from John Lewis here.

dec 2 4

Diana F+ Lomography camera; perfect for the gentleman looking to take his artistic career one step beyond Instagram. £79 from Lomography here.

dec 2 3

A classic plaid scarf in red; exactly what the stylish gentleman needs to add a splash of warmth to his winter wardrobe. £18 from Urban Outfitters here.

dec 2 8

Let’s get personal; for a very important gentleman. Personalised “Superdad” poster, £55 from Not on the Highstreet here. 

dec 2 2

Calvin Klein pyjama bottoms for the sleepy gentleman. £30 from House of Fraser here.

dec 2 6

Rotary watch combining both classic and modern designs; for the gentleman who deserves a little luxury. £219 from John Lewis here.

dec 2 7

Beer Pong; because, why not? £5 from Topman here.

dec 2 10

Vintage knitwear; a huge selection of cardigans and jumpers available from Beyond Retro, at between £20-£30, here.

dec 2 5

Cable car beanie hat; because a gentleman can’t get ahead without a novelty hat. £18 from Urban Outfitters here.

dec 2 9

Personalised mug for the gentleman who is addicted to his hot beverages. £12 from Not on the Highstreet here.

dec 2 11

Classic flight bag, for the gentleman who realises that “it’s not a purse, it’s a satchel. Indiana Jones has one.” £40 from Ben Sherman here.

dec 2 12

And, if all else fails, there’s always a chocolate Santa! £7 from Hotel Chocolat here.

And this is just a start; the possibilities are endless, and no doubt if you look around for long enough, you will come across the perfect gifts for everyone.

Happy December 2nd!