What’s Going On December 5th?

Just going to state the obvious here; it’s windy. It’s so windy, in fact, that today my glasses were blown from my face in perhaps the least chic moment of my life.

dec 5 7

Some people definitely pull off winter better than others, I think; their shoes don’t get ruined by muddy puddles when they’re running across the road, they can wear six layers without looking like a marshmallow, and their magical hair can withstand rain, snow and nuclear warfare.

Unfortunately, I can’t transform us all into this race of superhumans; however, I have come up with a quick guide to staying warm during the winter months without compromising on style.

Here are Candy’s top ten tips for staying fashionably toasty this Christmas!

1. Invest in a hat, preferably a thick furry or woolly one. It protects your hair from any rain (although be careful not to buy one which is too small or tight, or it might flatten your style) it keeps your ears warm, and there are loads of classic styles around at the moment which will make you feel like a Hollywood movie star. What’s not to love?

dec 5 2

2. Read this.

3. Get some thick, patterned tights! Such an easy way to brighten up even the dullest of outfits, and you’re always sure to attract a positive comment or two!

dec 5 10

4. Fortunately, spindly stillettos are out, whilst big, clompy and frankly ugly shoes are in. I must confess, chunky and ungraceful they may be, but I really love the trend for thick-soled flatforms, wedges and heavy boots which has taken over feet at the moment. They’re edgy, flattering to most shapes, and easy to pair with almost any outfit. Plus, they’re warm and, dare I say it? Sensible.¬†But don’t let that put you off.

5. Go for lots of thin layers rather than a few thicker ones. Thinner layers will trap air between them, and this will in turn create extra layers of insulation to keep you warm; it’s a science thing. All I know is that lots of thin layers, rather than a few huge jumpers, will save you from looking bulky and keep you warmer.

dec 5 11

6. Embrace the wrap, embrace the snood, embrace the good old fashioned scarf. They’ll never let you down.

dec 5 8

7. Earmuffs. They’re cute. That’s all I’m going to say.

8. Read this.

9. Over the knee socks, as an alternative to tights; or, perhaps even as well as tights? Play around with it, its such a playful look.

10. Everyone’s favourite accessory; a Christmassy coffee from a generic chain of coffee shops. I would shamelessly recommend Starbucks’ salted caramel latte, which has to be one of the best things about this time of year.

dec 5 9

Happy December 5th!