What’s Going On December 13th?

You may have seen some people out and about today sporting their finest Christmas jumpers; indeed, wandering around town this afternoon, I myself saw my fair share of the cute, the kitsch, and the ugly (jumpers, that is, not people). It’s no big secret why, either; today is Christmas Jumper Day!

dec 13 12

Now, usually a day devoted to novelty knitwear wouldn’t really be something I would go for; however, Christmas Jumper Day is an initiative created by the international organization, Save the Children, an organization which works tirelessly to help children across the world. You’ve almost definitely heard of them; they fight for the basic rights of all children to educational and health services, helping them lead safe, happy lived free from poverty or violence. They are highly responsive to international emergencies, and this year, two of their biggest campaigns, amongst others, are the Philippines Typhoon Appeal and the Syria Crisis Appeal.

dec 13 13

Christmas Jumper Day, then, is a good way to get into the festive spirit; firstly (and most importantly) by doing something to help someone else across the world, and secondly by wearing a silly jumper and looking like a bit of an idiot.

dec 13 10

The campaign has quite literally snowballed (ha ha), and now it seems like everybody is getting their Christmas on, from the very nice ladies who served me my coffee earlier, to a whole host of famous faces.

Richard Branson wears a delightful shade of green, which is very in this season, adorned with a tres chic evil raccoon in a Santa hat. Maybe the Branson Raccoon is the new Givenchy Bambi?

dec 13 2

Holly Willoughby rules the catwalk in the Regina George of all Christmas jumpers. One word; fierce.dec 13 3

Meanwhile, Julie Walters looks to Santa’s Little Helpers for style inspiration, updating that classic elfin style with an edgy red collar, and adding a sweet taste of playfulness to the whole piece with a candy cane motif.

 dec 13 7

And here is a slight corner of a woolly Christmas pudding, modelling Cheryl Cole’s face.dec 13 5

Myleene Klass, meanwhile, is bringing the classic snowman-with-a-pipe look back into vogue; we’ve recently seen snow adorning the sidewalks across the fashion world, and the trend seems to be here to stay. Although I’m not quite sure what to make of Myleene’s ears (latest accessory? plastic surgery gone wrong?), I am just loving that crisp, wintery shade of blue.

dec 13 6

Oh, and Victoria Beckham tweeted this picture of a dog in a jumper, which made me very happy.    

dec 13 1

But, if you missed it today, don’t worry; there’s always a good time to rock out the Christmas-themed knitwear for charity. Have a look here if you want some more information, or need some ideas as to how to raise a bit of money (I quite like the idea of making your own jumper; it’s a shame I’m fairly artistically useless, and would probably just end up wrapping myself in tinsel).

dec 13 15

If you have found yourself lacking in the Christmas jumper department, never fear; you can go and buy one from John Lewis, guilt free, because the proceeds from the store’s exclusive collection will go to Save the Children. Essentially, you are donating money by buying a Christmas jumper, so you can take part in Christmas Jumper Day to raise more money for charity; and you get a jumper out of the whole thing. It’s a pretty win-win situation, if you ask me.

dec 13 14

It’s really easy to donate too, as you can see here; just text WOOLLY to 70050 to donate £1, which could make all the difference in the world to somebody. It’s such a worthwhile cause, and one which really deserves anything you can spare; go on, it’s Christmas.

Happy December 13th!

dec 139