What’s Going On December 16th?

It’s Day 16 of December; Christmas is looming, the excitement is building, and everything is becoming a big warm fuzzy rush. I don’t know how people stay on top of it all!

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As I’ve never really done a post like this, I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of the many make up products which stop me from looking like an ogre, and allow me to appear in public without scaring small children.

My weapon of choice in the fight against slovenliness is this, my black eyeliner from 17.


I’ve worn this every day for years, and it’s never let me down; even on the longest, most stressful of days, the intense colour does not fade, and the brush makes it incredibly easy to do all those little flicks which people find so difficult. I’ve tried quite a few more expensive eyeliners over the years, and none of these have lived up to this £3.99 wonder. If it is ever discontinued, I will honestly have a breakdown and cry on the floor until Boots bring it back.

dec 16 9

White kohl pencil is also a must for me; I often wear glasses, at least during the day, and I feel that the white pencil from Rimmel gives my eyes a bit of a pop, preventing them from getting lost behind my heavy frames. I also smudge a bit of the soft, charcoal grey pencil from Bourjois under my lower lashes for a bit of definition.

I leave my eyebrows fairly natural, but I fill them in a tiny bit, just to neaten them up and define their shape. For this, I use Rimmel’s Professional Eye Brow Pencil, which has a brush on one end to keep brows in check before you fill them in.

dec 16 2

I’m forever on the look out for the perfect mascara, so that part of my routine is forever changing! At the moment, I am using Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara, which is doing its job well, and which I would probably buy again. I naturally have quite dark, thick lashes, so my real challenge is always length; so, if any of you know of any incredibly lengthening mascaras, please let me know!

dec 16 3

Max Factor also plays a large role in ensuring that my skin does not resemble that of a ninety year old woman. I have fairly dry skin, especially at this time of year, and in the past some foundations have emphasised this, rather than hiding it. However, I’ve not had this trouble with Max Factor; I use their “Fair” CC Cream as a base, before applying their Colour Adapt Foundation, in the lightest shade of “Creamy Ivory.”

dec 16 5

I’m quite pale, so its often tricky to find a foundation which actually fits my skin; however, I find that this foundation matches my skin tone well, and it doesn’t look too false. Max Factor explain this by saying “clever colour adapting particles pick up and reflect the different pigments in your complexion to give a totally sheer look without masking your skin’s true radiance.” That sounds like a lot of clever advertising to me; but I would definitely vouch for this foundation’s quality.

dec 16 6

I set with a light dusting of No 7’s Perfect Light Loose Powder, which again holds my make up in place without compromising that natural glow.

dec 16 7

When it comes to lipstick, my choice really depends on what I’m wearing, or on what look I’m going for. My favourite red shade is L’Oreal’s Colour Riche lipstick in “Feeric Fuschia”, as it has a slightly plumish tint to it, which I think suits me better than really bright, brick reds. I also love my darker High Shine Lip Crayon in “Daydreamer” from No 7, which is great for Autumn/Winter, and which I also think brings a touch of vampy glamour to any outfit.

dec 16 15

If I’m not feeling vampy glamour, I might wear Maybelline’s Colour Sensational lipstick in “Fuschia Flash”; I was dubious about such a bright colour at first, but I actually think that this pink can give my entire face a bit of a lift, especially if I’m wearing darker shades.dec 16 12

If I really feel like going all out, I might dab a bit of Soap & Glory’s “Sexy Motherpucker” plumping lipgloss over the top; I’m not a fan of lipgloss at all, but this really does give your lips a gleaming fullness. Plus its tingly, which is always fun if you’re as immature as I am.

dec 16 11

So; that’s what my face looks like on a daily basis! I can spend hours in Boots looking at make up and trying out testers, so please tell me about your favourites; I’d love to try them!

Happy December 16th!