What’s Going On December 18th?

With just a week to go until the big day, I’m guessing that Santa is very busy getting all the presents ready for all you good little girls and boys out there. Just in case he’s missed me out, however, I thought that I would write a little wishlist to show you all just what I would love to appear under my tree (if money wasn’t an option, of course). And, if the big man happens to see this, and feels like giving me a little treat, I certainly won’t complain!

random 15

I really want to try a face primer from Smashbox, and as I have quite dry skin, I think that my best bet is probably the Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, which is £28 from Boots here. I’ve heard a great deal of good things about Smashbox, so I’m eager to give some of their products a go.

dec 18 1

Another thing I want to try is the heated eyelash curler from No 7. Again, I’ve heard some very good things about these, and I think they would open up my eyes and give them greater definition.

dec 18 2

My favourite thing in the whole world is lace, and so when I saw this dress in Zara, I had to try it on! However, as you can see here, It’s £45.99 (which may not seem like a lot to some people, but is too a fairly poor student!), and at the time I wasn’t sure if it suited me; but, as they say, YOLO, I want it anyway.

dec 18 5

Although, saying that, I want this dress (£72 from Sister Jane) more. So much more. I want to marry this dress. It’s got lace, it’s got pearls, it’s got the most beautiful detailing around the sleeves; the model looks a bit like Wednesday Addams, but I think I could make it work. I really really like this dress. I really like it.

dec 18 9

I actually really like Sister Jane, and their collection at the moment is just incredible; this blouse (£48 here) is also on my wish list. Its such a basic, classic piece, but has such lovely twists to bring it up to date; I love the multi-layered collar and the delicately ruffled sleeves, and I have a great many skirts in my wardrobe that would complement this perfectly!

dec 18 10

In fact, it would probably go quite nicely with this jacket, also from Sister Jane; just letting you know there, Santa.

dec 18 11

Now; usually I abhor printed t-shirts and slogan t-shirts like this, but there’s something about this one, from Illustrated People, that I like. I doubt I would ever wear it out, but I like the idea of lounging around my house wearing something that says “SUPER RICH KID$.” I think I have a bizarre sense of humour. This is in the sale at the moment for £26.50 on the website, so Santa has no excuse really.

dec 18 6

This jumper, £38 from Love Clothing, is exactly the kind of thing I like; kitsch, tongue-in-cheek, but not quite tacky. Sometimes I like things like this because I just think they’re hideous (don’t judge me).

dec 18 8

I keep debating with myself over this dress, which is on sale for £20 here at Rare London. I like the cool, winter shades and the texture, but I don’t like the way that cap sleeves look on me; however, I think it could look good paired with a cardigan or jumper, so I’m including it on my wishlist with that thought in mind.

dec 18 13

Along the same floral path lies this playsuit, available here from Ark. They have a variety of patterns, all priced at £29, but I think that this one is probably my favourite; I love winter florals, as they add some colour and life to any ensemble.

dec 18 15

Something else which lies very close to my fashion heart is tapestry, and I just adore this floral tapestry dress from Vero Moda, which I found on House of Fraser’s website for £22.40. I have some tan brogues which I am just longing to pair this with!

dec 18 22

I also love anything with any sort of ornate, Baroque-style pattern, which is why I just love these tights, which are £8.99 from Ark. Unfortunately, I have some sort of problem with tights; I can’t seem to get through a day without laddering them! I don’t know what I do, but I always seem to end up with unsightly holes all over my legs; so I can’t help but feel that, beautiful as these tights are, I would probably ruin them within five minutes of leaving the house.

dec 18 18

This metallic embellished dress may fare a little better, though; I love this piece, I can just imagine how decadent it would feel to wear it out. The sparkling beading on the Peter Pan collar adds that extra flash of glamour, and the swirling, golden floral pattern is the definition of opulence. At £40 from Warehouse here, I definitely think that this dress would be worth every penny.

dec 18 21

Oh, and I want a watch which looks like Karl Lagerfeld. Only Karl Lagerfeld would have a watch of himself, and charge £185 for it (have a look here if you don’t believe me). I love everything about this; after all, who wouldn’t want the gift of Karl this Christmas?

dec 18 19Happy December 18th!