What’s Going On December 19th?

Just a little post today; everything is starting to pile up on me as the time between now and Christmas shrinks, but I just had to take a moment to share my sartorial discovery of the day!

I was browsing British Vogue‘s website this afternoon, and I came across an article about a designer who I had not really heard much about before; the exquisitely exotic and ever unique Olympia Le-Tan. I realise that I am probably just being embarrassingly slow on the uptake here, but I thought that I would write a post about her anyway, as the designs are so wonderful and I am frankly baffled as to how she has slipped past my radar until now!

dec 19 8

Aside from fashion and art, the great love of my life is literature, and I’m embarrassingly enthusiastic if you leave me in an old-fashioned bookshop, or get me talking on the subject of a favourite novel. I think this is why Le-Tan’s designs appeal to me; they perfectly combine fashion, art and literature in a way that is both stylish and quirky. The French designer essentially just re-imagines classic book covers and transforms them into bags and other accessories, and, as man style-savvy celebrities will tell you, the results are just beautiful.

dec 19 9

Actress Natalie Portman rocked out Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita at the New York première of Black Swan, way back in 2010. Something that I have noticed when reading up on who wears Le-Tan’s designs is the thought that people seem to put into which clutch they choose, and I like the way that Portman chose a very dark, psychologically  uncomfortable novel for the première of a very dark, psychologically uncomfortable film; although, maybe I’m reading too much into it (no pun intended haha).

dec 19 2

At the premiere of her film We Need to Talk About Kevin in 2011, actress Tilda Swinton paired her teeny tiny Olympia Le-Tan bag with an elegant Heider Ackermann evening dress. I love the way that Ms Swinton’s striking looks and grown-up attire juxtaposes with this, Ant and Bee, a children’s book; again, perhaps a subversive nod to her own film about a deeply troubled child?

dec 19 3

More recently, Katy Perry showed off her own Le-Tan piece, based on Webster’s Dictionary, alongside an equally dreamy Oscar de la Renta gown at the American Music Awards last month. I love that way that her dress, her polka dot nails and that floral cocktail ring all co-ordinate, whilst the book/bag draws your attention with a splash of bright yellow; this isn’t a look I would normally go for myself, but everything about it eludes fun, and I think it very much suits Ms Perry.

dec 19 1

Le-Tan has recently released six new designs, all based on children’s books, and they are as charming as ever. Le-Tan herself says that her favourite is I am! Says the Lamb, saying “I loved that book when I was a little girl and still do. The cover is so cute!”

dec 19 4

I think that my personal favourite from this, Le-Tan’s latest range, would be the clutch based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, simply because the lion looks so worried! I always quite liked the idea of such a seemingly fierce creature actually being very timid; there is something in it that is both sad and funny.dec 19 5

However, if I could have one Olympia Le-Tan from her entire collection, it would have to be Alice in Wonderland, which has remained one of my favourite books throughout my life. Although, I do quite like her take on The Great Gatsby; but that would mean giving up my main man Shakespeare. And what about Roald Dahl? Can I just have a whole shelf-full please?

            . dec 19 11 dec 19 10                                            .dec 19 12  dec 19 13

Unfortunately for mere mortals such as myself, Le-Tan usually only makes sixteen copies of each design, and they all sell for over £1000, so it doesn’t look as though I’ll be getting one any time soon. I suppose I shall just have to carry a real book around with me instead.

Happy December 19th!

dec 19 7

P.S; I just got ridiculously distracted by her Instagram. Help me, I’m obsessed.