What’s Going On December 22nd?

Christmas is well and truly around the corner now, and so to get us all in the spirit, I thought I’d look back over some of my favourite stylish, Christmassy photos of iconic vintage stars; okay, I didn’t actually have any favourite stylish, Christmassy photos of iconic vintage stars before I wrote this post, but I must admit, I had a lot of fun finding some! I feel it has injected some good old-fashioned Hollywood glamour into my Christmas.dec 22 6

First up, here is a picture of my favourite lady, Ms Audrey Hepburn, with another famous face, who has a great deal of business at this time of year. This photo was taken in New York in 1953, the year that Hepburn was named the Top Movie Star of 1953 by Film Daily. This picture was taken almost exactly sixty years ago at ceremony in which the actress helped Santa tie a bow around (apparently) the biggest Christmas parcel in New York; “The Heart Thrift House,” a model home exhibited for the New York Heart Association. It took 5,000 square feet of cellophane; I didn’t know there was that much cellophane in the world.

dec 22 1

This next shot shows one of my favourite silent movie stars, Clara Bow, sitting on her roof on Christmas Eve in her nightclothes, waiting for Santa. It is part of a series which appeared in a magazine in the late 1920s, all of which followed a similar theme. “Pity the poor flapper on Christmas Eve,” the caption read. As is always the case when Bow is put before a lens, she is able to capture a thousand things at once with merely her expressive face and the way in which she holds herself. I think that this simple photo conveys that anticipatory stillness which characterises Christmas Eve.

dec 22 2

Here is a picture of Elizabeth Taylor, looking very glamorous and holding a kitten with a giant gift tag around its neck, which is essentially cold hard proof that small animals are automatically more cute at this time of year.

dec 22 3

 This photo of actress Joan Crawford was taken by photographer Clarence Bull, who worked for the movie studios during Hollywood’s “Golden Age,” taking publicity portraits of all the big stars. In this studio still, a rather threatening Crawford is about to climb down your chimney with a terrifying doll and a very big gun, so that’s an interesting twist on a classic Christmas scene.

Dec 22 4

Marilyn’s choice of Christmas attire seems to be a giant festive stocking and fairly little else; a typical Christmas pin-up from the early 1950s.

dec 22 6

After America entered the war in 1941, it was Hollywood star Rita Hayworth who served as the all-American pin-up girl for her country’s soldiers. In this shot, a glamorous Hayworth hangs a festive wreath on her door with a suspiciously large grin. I love what she is wearing; I am a big fan of shirts tied at the waist like that, it’s such a fun yet classy look.

dec 22 9

I’ll leave you with a picture of actress Janet Leigh with a puppy. I have no idea where this image is from, but my dog looked a bit like that when he was a puppy, and I like it. So here it is.

dec 22 8

Happy December 22nd!