CG by Chris Gelinas; What’s Going On?

Winner of the Peroni Emerging Designer Award, short-listed as a finalist in the inaugural iteration of the LVMH Prize and now a part of the MADE Milk program, it would certainly seem that the only way is up for Chris Gelinas. This, his third presentation, is a result of all he has learned over the past few years; “It really just pushed me even further,” Gelinas said his recent experiences. “Being involved with it so early on and meeting all the designers so early made me feel like I had to keep pushing the bar.”


The collection definitely shows a wider technical range and virtuosity than Gelinas’ previous collections, and was based around the idea of breaking away from strict, suited uniformity.


Proving that inspiration can strike anywhere, the recurring black grid pattern is a motif that Gelinas first encountered when he visited his sister, who was redecorating her house. “I was having breakfast with her and her I was like, why is this stuff so beautiful? And why is it just going under shingles? So I ripped off a piece. I thought it had great colour and proportion.”


Exotic yet urban, opulent yet understated, this is a collection which can only mean the start of even bigger and better things for Chris Gelinas.