Gareth Pugh; What’s Going On?

Pugh had already caused a but of a stir before NYFW even kicked off, announcing that he was moving to the Big Apple from Paris, where he has been showing his collections for the past six years. He also promised an “immersive live experience” rather than a traditional catwalk show, which understandably had people talking before they’d even started “experiencing” anything.


And what Pugh promised, Pugh delivered; models danced across the stage, twisting and writhing through smoke and lights, hanging from the ceiling in his unusual designs.


The creative designer has come a long way from his days starting out in London, where he was always known for his somewhat “out there” take on fashion, and it was nice to see him return to those roots with this innovative show. After all, a show it was, feeling more like something you might see in an arty theatre, rather than on a catwalk; and it definitely made for a refreshing change.


There is an argument, of course, that the show becomes more of – well, a show – than a demonstration of this season’s sartorial offerings. It’s definitely easier to get more caught up in the theatrics, but in a world where every design is easily accessible via the internet anyway, why shouldn’t Pugh attempt to create something unique for those actually at the show? He reminds us that clothes are an artform, and something that cannot be fully experienced through looking at posed pictures on a screen; sorry, readers. 1