Marissa Webb; What’s Going On?

Marissa Webb described her latest collection in the language of contrasts and juxtapositions; “hard and soft, masculine and feminine, East and West kept coming to mind,” she said backstage. “Not just East Coast-West Coast, but the volume and sweep of the dresses and tops.”


The mix of influences comes through in these sophisticated basics-with-a-twist; East Coast city life shines through in the skinny jeans and blazers, whilst the Far East comes through in the origami-like folds of olive green trenches transformed into dresses.


The transformed trench coats also underscore Webb’s belief in the versatility of classic pieces. “There isn’t just one way of wearing things,” she says. “You can twist it up, wear it backwards or upside down.”


Never afraid to put her own, impeccably tailored feminine twist on a piece stolen from the boys, Webb’s basics are subtly pretty and effortlessly cool. I particularly like the slouchy blazers thrown over the sparkly and floral printed dresses.


The long coats belted over long, flowing dresses add tailoring and definition to what would otherwise be a carefree look; transforming a summer holiday ensemble into an urban-ready look for autumn.

Marissa Webb has only been going it alone for a few seasons now, and it was only earlier this year that she became creative director at Banana Republic; and whilst nothing in this collection really made me say wow, its a solid set of designs that suggest an exciting, impeccably tailored future.