Rebecca Minkoff; What’s Going On?

Sumptuously fun, feminine and oh-so stylish, Rebecca Minkoff’s show provided a host of sartorial treats, as well as a few little surprises to make this a memorable experience for all involved.


The overriding theme of the collection was a beautiful pale blue, which reared its lovely head in various guises; there were pretty blue florals, to pastel colour-blocking (ft. blue) and, for the lady who likes a little more structure, blue stripes.


Indeed, the crisp pastels lent a fresh, cool atmosphere which screamed summer in the city; I particularly liked the slightly slouchy day dresses, which probably wouldn’t look out of place at a swanky pool party or cocktail bar either.


Also sent striding down the catwalk was a pair of skinny denim overalls, a piece which was voted for by Minkoff’s Instagram followers; a smart way to get people involved, and see what they want out of a collection. Wide-brimmed, floppy hats and tassled leather clutches finished off the outfits with a subtle, 1970s flourish.


Guests of Minkoff’s show were each greeted with a pair of 3D glasses, which they were instructed to don for the final five looks of the show. These outfits were inspired by the late Deborah Turbeville, an American fashion photographer. “One thing Deborah was known for is her photo manipulation, and using negatives then messing them up,” said Minkoff backstage. “I love how strong she portrayed her subjects while still possessing a certain femininity.” The bohemian feel of the pastel colours, floaty silhouettes and sumptuous fabrics channel Turbeville’s romantic vision to perfection.


Minkoff’s also incorporated modern technology directly into her looks, with much of the delicate jewellery on the runway coming from the brand’s new “wearable tech” collection; including such useful accessories as a bracelet which buzzes when you have a call or text, and a black leather band that can charge your phone on the go. She may channel pretty, vintage vibes, but Minkoff’s proving that she can stay one step ahead of her contemporaries when it comes to these cool, techy touches.