Adam Selman; What’s Going On?

He’s the man responsible for the most memorable look of the year, a dress which is sure to be one of those perfect, iconic moments which will be remembered by fashion history for years to come. The sheer, crystal-encrusted dress that Adam Selman created, and which Rihanna wore to accept her CFDA Fashion Icon Award.


However, Selman is much more than a one hit wonder, as this, his first fully-fledged show, well proves. “I just want it to have the same energy and personal feel of my first two [presentations],” Selman insists. “It’s not formal.”


Indeed, the show and the clothes themselves feel stylishly casual, with the number cards providing a subtle throwback to the days when designers held salon presentations. Sleek, cat-eye sunglasses, the result of a collaboration with Le Specs, only added to the retro vibe.


As for Selman’s influences, they are certainly diverse; the designer looks to his stylish friends and what they are choosing to wear, which makes this season’s muse “kind of this New York City girl with a dirty face of make-up meets Harumi Yamaguchi in a cool Jane Birkin way.” His words, not mine.


The heavy use of pearl embellishment was inspired by the 1986 TV movie, Beverly Hills Madam; “The only thing I took away from that movie was pearls, lots and lots of pearls,” Selman joked, and indeed pearls seem to pop up on every sleeve and around every hemline.


It’s an impressive collection, one which shows a different side to the designer after the wonderful fiasco caused by Rihanna’s crystal dress;  “I tried to take that inspiration of the nostalgic look of the eighties and seventies and transform it into the modern girl,” said Selman. “I think more than I’ve done before, it is more easy relaxed and less sex, sex, sex than the first two presentations.”


However, even as the show closed, it was not strictly over; Rihanna herself arrived in a Selman creation, causing a frenzy of camera flashes. Despite the star showing, it was indisputably Selman’s night, and I have no doubt that there are many more such nights in store for the innovative designer.