Dion Lee; What’s Going On?

New York-based designer Dion Lee may be far from his homeland of Sydney, but it is still the place he looks too for inspiration in his work. This season, Lee’s main point of reference was Australian artist Jeffrey Stuart, known for his “industrial roadside landscapes” (Lee’s words). The designer was drawn to Stuart’s art because of the way it “conjured a dark feeling through a bright palette;” an idea which certainly comes through in this collection, which feels like it belongs in a colourfully glamorous, Blade Runner-esque dystopia.


Indeed, some of Lee’s designs seem to lift motifs directly from Stuart’s work, with dresses featuring an abstract, sweeping pattern which closely resembles the image of an empty road curving into the distance.


Abstract splashes of primary colours in the structured, square-shouldered tops are reminiscent of the 1980s trend for power dressing whilst softer, sleek black cropped trousers bring the look stylishly up to date.


The pieces somehow seem to feel tougher as the show reaches its close, a result of the glam leather biker jackets and black dresses, which are just made for the girl who doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. The models’ slicked back hair, combined with sheer details in the slightly grungy dresses, ooze a dark sense of cool.


And that really is what this collection comes down too; its not jaw-droppingly beautiful, nor is it shocking or out to cause controversy. Its just cool. Effortlessly and elegantly cool.