Jill Stuart; What’s Going On?

“Its softer dressing,” said Jill Stuart of this, her latest collection, which drew on the faded 1970s feel which pervaded her Resort Collection. Blushing pinks, luxurious lavenders and bohemian patterns came together in separates and dresses alike, giving this collection an understated, yet decadently pretty vibe.


Silhouettes were long and lean, with soft lines and beautifully draping material, sometimes tied nonchalantly at the waist with a belt or a string.


Kimono-like wrapping on dresses, blouses and skirts provided a graceful, flowing finish to the overall looks. Hair was left loose and slightly wavy, fitting perfectly with that retro, 1970s nostalgia.


A hint of menswear comes through in the oversized shirt-like material, whether they are folded and tied into dresses or belted at the waist to create a more feminine silhouette.


Some of the more detailed, fancy patterns have a vintage William Morris, Arts and Crafts feel to them, which I just love, whilst tan leather jackets and belts keep us firmly rooted in that bohemian, seventies-inspired world.


Overall, the sumptuous fabrics, beautifully faded colours and feminine, sophisticated silhouettes have definitely made Jill Saunder’s show one of my very favourites; there are so many pieces from this collection that would go very nicely in my wardrobe. Hint hint.