Monique L’Hullier; What’s Going On?

Monique L’Hullier’s latest collection marked a slight shift away from her usual evening gowns to something that could almost be called “daywear;” “I really wanted to grow that category and dress my customer earlier,” L’Hullier explained. However, many of these pieces feel just too exquisitely beautiful for a casual day outfit.


L’Hullier drew inspiration from a recent trip to the Bahamas, describing the way that “the sun rose over the ocean, the sky turned beautiful shades of black and lavender, and there was a reflective quality to the water. I wanted to instil that sparkle in every piece.”


Indeed, every single piece of this collection does seem to gleam with a warm beauty and life. She experimented with “liquid satin” on the bodices of the cocktail dresses, and incorporated light, sheer materials to create the illusion of glimmering water around the models’ bodies.


Intricately lovely lace also made an appearance in blouses and floor-length dresses, with floral embroidery touches to ground each look in the natural world.


A group of evening dresses did make an appearance at the show’s close, their designs typical of L’Hullier’s style with their intricate beading and flower petals, their silhouettes given a little extra volume by sherbet-coloured layers of tulle which seem to fizz and shimmer like the glow of an island sunset.


The level of detail and the utterly irresistible use of lace, tulle and featherlight, sheer fabrics make this one of my favourite collections yet. Every outfit feels as though it has been put together out of parts of some hazily exotic dream, with patterns, materials and embellishments coming together in a warmly perfect harmony.