Ralph Rucci; What’s Going On?

Ralph Rucci’s show notes were written in the form of an open letter to his audience. “My dream is that viewers will be hypnotised by the newness,” it said, in a tone more like that of an artist’s manifesto than that of simple notes; and, after all, if one puts into their work the time and creative energy that Rucci clearly does, then surely he is more than deserving of the title “artist.”


The form that this season’s masterpieces may have varied, but all were, at their essence, exquisite examples of tailoring and style. Long, lean pant suits with structured jackets added a cool whisper of androgyny to the catwalk. Meanwhile, tulle inserts added chic, sensual hints of definition to long-sleeved black and white gowns, which hugged close to the body for a sleek, graceful silhouette.


Plunging necklines, angular details and artful slashes added a casually edgy vibe, striking a balance between the woman who avidly follows the trends, and the woman who prefers to keep it classic.


The largely monochrome palette provided a striking base for Rucci’s intricate beading and embroidery, as well as for his own abstract, painted designs which were screened or embroidered onto the various fabrics.


Hints of green and yellow add bright flashes to the overall aesthetic, with the more colourful pieces again demonstrating Rucci’s love of transparency and understated flashes of skin.


All in all, it was an impressive set of designs, with enough edgy glamour to ensure these basics are anything but basic.