Rebecca Taylor; What’s Going On?

New Zealand-born designer Rebecca Taylor said of her latest collection that she wanted to “bring back colour and femininity in an ethereal way. I want to give something to my Rebecca Taylor girl. She’s a romantic, and she loves fragile beauty.”


“Fragile beauty” was certainly present in every fluttering ruffle, every whispering shade of lavender and blue. Silhouettes were breezy and relaxed, perfect for those spring days which creep into summer, with hemlines that were for the most part long and loose.


Hair was pulled back into clean, neat buns, and make up was kept to a minimal, keeping the focus firmly on the wonderfully whimsical clothes themselves.


There were moments of lightly vibrant statements, with warm oranges and bright blue flowers decorating the skirts and bodices of pale mini dresses. These added a contemporary edge to what was otherwise a flower garden of romance and delicacy.


There was also a tangible throwback to the 1970s in the slightly flared trousers, the low hemlines and the platform sandals on which the models marched down the catwalk.


The vibe became increasingly luxe towards the end of the show in the impeccably ruffled skirts and the sugary pastel coats and jackets; I really love the mix of blush pinks and blues. It might be a little soft, a little “girly” for some, but there’s no denying that Rebecca Taylor’s latest collection has bought back “colour and femininity” in the most lovely way possible.