Victoria Beckham; What’s Going On?

“I’m opening my first retail store in London and that forced me to think about the evolution of my signature,” the designer said, before the show began, acknowledging that the looming prospect of her upcoming flagship store, which will make its home on London’s Dover Street, has had an effect on her designs.


She’s clearly trying to extend her repertoire beyond the form-fitting dresses that she has become for, saying of this collection that “it feels like my woman: quite masculine, heels heavier, strict, but with flowers to perfume the collection.”


Although there was indeed something of an androgynous hint within these pieces and their sharply-tailored silhouettes, the low hemlines and long, flowing hair of the models ensured that it was done with a feminine flutter.


Then, of course, there were those floral pieces with which Victoria closed; light and refreshing, without losing that structured, urban edge. “I like the idea of an eclectic uniform,” Mrs Beckham explained, and eclectic it most certainly is, although every design manages to stay away from the outright wacky.


Indeed, the case is quite the contrary; these are reliable, city-life basics, executed with subtle little twists in the patterns and silhouettes which make these ordinary clothes into an extraordinary collection. “I’m always thinking beyond the catwalk to the customer,” Beckham explained of her carefully-crafted designs, and there’s no denying that these are no flight’s of a fashion designer’s fancy, but real, functional pieces for the everywoman.


Not that this means dressing like a modest dowager; cutaway backs and long slits in skirts ensure that these pieces are anything but dowdy. As Victoria herself said, “it’s got to be sexy, too, no?” and these impeccably tailored pieces carry just that slightest hint of sex, without having to shout about it. Its a wonderful collection, showing just how much the singer-turned-designer is constantly pushing herself into new sartorial territory.