Carolina Herrera; What’s Going On?

Carolina Herrera promised a “modern garden” setting for this, her Spring/Summer 2015 collection; “but it won’t be topiary!” she added. Instead, the runway was lined with geometric, green structures, suggesting a sort of machine-age forest, and the models were transformed into flurries of tulips, magnolias and roses.


Even these floral prints were mechanized, enlarged into abstract shapes and spliced with bars of ombré that represented their individual colour palettes; a sort of computerized Georgia O’Keefe, if you will, perfect for this modern-day, urban garden.


The materials had futuristic feel, too;  techno piqué, linen, and crepe allowed Herrera to experiment, leading to these precise silhouettes and striking, digitalised florals.


Despite all this experimentation and drive towards the new,  Herrera did not relinquish her flare for couture-like quality, occasionally mixing in classic fabrics, such as chiffon, to blur the otherwise severe lines for a slightly softer, pretty silhouette.


For the finale gowns, the flowers were fractured and scattered in pieces across the skirts, re-embroidered with plastic sequins for a little added sparkle. It was a refreshing set of designs from Herrera, which injected classics with a vibrant, youthful energy; it was those last few, beautiful gowns, however, which really got me excited. They are a triumph.