Donna Karan; What’s Going On?

Like so many of her designs, Donna Karan’s Spring 2015 collection was inspired by her home, the city of New York; and as such, whilst none of these pieces could be called “dull” or “everyday,” these were clothes which wouldn’t look at all out of place on any New York street.


Many of the pieces had an updated, 1950s vibe; specifically the cropped tops, flared mid-length skirts and thick, waist-defining belts. These were clearly clothes made for the curvaceous, hourglass silhouette of the Hollywood golden age, although there was surely a piece in this very wearable collection, whether it be a billowing skirt or a structured jacket, which would flatter any shape.


The fast-pace of urban life echoed through the cacophony of graffiti-like patterns (inspired by 1980s artist Jean-Michel Basquiat) and collaged prints, largely in a palette of ivory, black, blue and red.


The towering straw hats added a soaring, contemporary finish to classic looks, whilst hints of those tribal prints which Karan so favours pop up amidst the more urban prints and shapes.


Its a wonderful collection from the imagination of Donna Karan, one which brings the quintessential silhouette of the 1950s onto the streets of modern day New York. “Time to show your colours and paint the town with urban chic,” the show notes read; and what better clothes to do that in?