Rodarte; What’s Going On?

Its as obvious as a slap in the face that this collection was inspired by the sea. From the crystal-encrusted runway, gleaming like water, to the mermaid-style dresses which closed the show, Kate and Laure Mulleavy were taking it back to the tide pools they frequented as children.


“We wanted to re-create the texture of those underwater tide pools,” Kate explained, “to explore this idea of underwater worlds, with all the movement and fluidity.”


This also meant taking us back to the poetic madness for which the Mulleavy sisters were first known, the crafted, yet slightly crazy, couture-like pieces and delicate, dazzling materials. Chiffon panels fluttered like seaweed clinging to a glistening rock, sequins sparkled like sunlight on the surface of the ocean; models floated along the runway like survivors of some underwater kingdom, covered in romantic embellishments, ruffles and tulle.


But that’s not to forget the slightly more pragmatic side to the collection; tight jeans, ruffled blouses and canvas jackets, covered in pieces of fisherman’s nets, wouldn’t look overly out of place on a high street.


But, of course, its in those real slices of imagination that the Mulleavy sister’s charm really lies. “We had this idea of a girl on a pier,” Kate explained, dreamily, and it is from such dreams that the most beautiful, spellbinding works of art are born.