Tommy Hilfiger; What’s Going On?

Why go to a mud-clotted, rain-soaked festival when you can sit front row at Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2015 show? It’s cleaner, more comfortable, and you won’t see a single teenage girl in wellies and a flower crown; this collection was all about vintage rock.


The theme was established before the show even began, with the invitations presented in the centre of a vintage vinyl record. The catwalk, staged inside a custom-built stadium complete with drummers, took the form of a nostalgic, sixties-style garden, centred around a cluster of vibrant, pink peonies spelling out “TH.”


The designs themselves, from the patchworked denims, Sergeant Pepper tailoring and leather collars, to the embellished concert t-shirts, metallic stripes and star motifs, screamed of the days of glam rock ‘n’ roll. “Celebrating the music festivals of the sixties and seventies – my time!” said Hilfiger.


But this collection doesn’t feel like an old man’s attempt to recapture his youth in the same, static ways; no, there is a contemporary edge to these designs which prevents them from becoming simple parodies of vintage rock outfits. The blend of glitter and grunge feels bang on trend, as do the chunky knits and floaty, chiffon dresses with which Hilfiger’s show closed.


The reason is, I suppose, that smart-tailored fun never goes out of style; and every element of this show just oozed glamorous, rock ‘n’ roll fun.