Versus Verace; What’s Going On?

Master of the slit and the slashed mini dress, Anthony Vaccarello, was always going to be the perfect match for Donatella Versace. Combined with Versace’s instantly recognisable, powerful imagery, Vaccarello’s penchant for skin-flashing, high class sex-appeal was the perfect match.


There were characteristically Versace touches in the square necklines, Medusa-head pattern, and the gilded black and gold belts, but this collection was by no means traditional, instead emitting an air of well-tailored, contemporary flare. The faux black and marble floor of the runway, surrounded by mirrors, added to the feel of minimalist decadence that every single piece seemed to radiate.


Most of the pieces were black, with striking gold accents. Silhouettes were largely tough and angular, pulled in at the waist with Versace-esque belts, with the odd floating shirt or dress adding some softer touches.


The Medusa-head motif appeared in monochrome patterns, on shirts, dresses and jackets alike; Vaccarello seemed keen to root the collection firmly in the Versace vein.


The famous safety pin dress, which launched Elizabeth Hurley’s fashion career back in the day, was repurposed for contemporary wear. This time around, they were shorter and figure-hugging, but still with those golden pins holding the material together at the seams; they even found their way into a gleaming gold mini skirt.


Whilst Vaccarello may have bought his own brand of stylish sex appeal to Versus, the end result felt all Versace; a match made in sartorial heaven.