Boss; What’s Going On?

“My first season was deeply rooted in the tailoring DNA of the brand,” said artistic director Jason Wu, backstage after the Boss Womenswear Spring 2015 show had reached its end. “This season I felt I could change things up a little bit, push the boundaries. How do I do evening a Boss way?”


For Wu, this was achieved by designing cocktail dresses using techniques usually employed for the creation of men’s suits. “All of the corseted dresses were done with menswear felting,” Wu explained. “It’s Tron-esque but made so beautifully inside and out.”


As for Wu’s favourite piece of the collection, it might not be what you expect. “There’s a yellow dress with pleating, strapless—deceptively simple. It’s layers of tulle pleated together, then hand-stitched together, all in one form. There was a lot of work put into it, but it feels easy. And it should, because that’s what women want to wear today,” he said.





Personally, I was quite a fan of the pleated skirt and blouse look, which feels sharply modern whilst remaining rooted in a vintage aesthetic. I also liked the more structured dresses, with tulle floating down around the knees to add a slightly softer finish. It’s a strong, city-ready set of designs; eveningwear done the Boss way, indeed.