Daks; What’s Going On?

It would have been easy for Daks to stick with what they (and we) know; the cashmere, the camel, the classic tailoring (for which it is renowned) and, of course, that traditional house check.

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However, creative director Filippo Scuffi had made a point of not going down that familiar road, instead opting to do something slightly different with this, the English heritage brand’s latest collection.

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The new designs marked a shift away from sporting influences, such as equestrian pursuits and golf, instead drawing on ballet, specifically Swan Lake. It was perhaps fitting, then, that they were showcased in Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House.

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“It’s dreamy, feminine, romantic, sophisticated,” said Scuffi, and the flowing silhouettes and silky, floating materials were certainly fitting of this description. These were clothes for the ballroom, perhaps even the red carpet, with beautiful orgami folds and taffeta ruffles.

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The predominant colour palette consisted of mauves and greys, which gave the light fabrics an almost ethereal feel; a prettily radical departure from clothes made for the shooting range.

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Fluid and “pretty” the pieces may be, but they retained the Daks sense of a strong, structured silhouette and impeccable tailoring. And, die-hard house check fans, never fear; this isn’t the end, as Stuffi pointed out. “It just means we can come back to it fresh another season,” he said, and refreshing little departures like this are important in pushing a brand like Daks forward.

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So, these are wonderful offerings, which will appeal to a whole new breed of customers; however, stalwart followers of Daks can rest well in the knowledge that their more traditional creations will be back very soon. For now, we’ve been given a taste of something which, although new, retains the quality and sophistication one might expect from the house. The risk has paid off, in the most beautiful way possible.

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