Oscar de la Renta; What’s Going On?

The latest offerings from Oscar de la Renta’s bloomed along the runway like flowers in a springtime garden, lightly perfumed with hints of romance and mid-century couture influences.


The show began in a flurry of pastel shades; an oversized gingham print was simultaneously chic and playful, paired with lace miniskirts and midriff-baring tops for a very contemporary look.


Then suddenly, flowers were everywhere, even in the light fur coats and boleros, which would be just perfect for those chillier spring days.


Short evening dresses created from an eyelet material were paired with sandals, which in turn were decorated with straps of photo-printed feathers (the feather motif being one we have seen in a few times in New York). Ostrich feathers were also scattered across skirt-fronts and hems, complimenting the more floral decorations.


Oscar de la Renta, who worked for Balenciaga and Antonio Castillo back in the heyday of couture, has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience in the subtle workings of different fabrics, in the slight fluctuations of colour and gradients; all of which is put to good use in every single one of these designs.


The evening gowns which appear towards the end of the show are visions of eyelet and lace and organza, with touches of bright greens or pinks evoking the mood of a vintage garden party; many of these, surely, are set to be red carpet hits in the future.


“There is no-one on earth who makes a woman feel more beautiful than Oscar de la Renta,” Karlie Kloss wrote on her instagram page, after the show. With such flawless creations, perfectly created to flatter the body, it is hard not to imagine how wonderful one must feel to be dressed in a bouquet of Oscar de la Renta.