Ralph Lauren; What’s Going On?

This season, Ralph Lauren seemed to want to dress us for a glamorous, Hollywood safari; a journey into khaki and cargo pants, touched with unexpected whispers of opulence and sparkle.


Sumptuous materials were transformed into pieces that were perfect for the the urban adventure; olive suede transformed into the new idea of the suit (peplum top paired with a pencil top), whilst the classic safari jacket was reinterpreted with a sharply defined waist.


The khaki-dominated palette was accented with rich shades of lemon, magenta, and vivid pink creeping into scarves, jackets and even full-length dresses.


Pockets were everywhere, from the cargo trousers to the more utilitarian evening dresses which made their appearance towards the end of the show. Utility is the keyword here; these are beautiful creations, but they are born of a fantasy that doesn’t forget it’s firm grounding in reality.


Many of the pieces would not look out of place at an evening soirée, with those long crystal earrings adding a touch of glitz to proceedings. Pieces in block, rich black also felt stunningly chic; unusual enough to be striking, whilst never allowing themselves to veer into the realms of the unwearable.


Strapless and asymmetric, many  of the gowns with which Ralph Lauren closed are surely set to make an appearance on a red carpet near you very soon. Who knew a safari could be so glamorous?