Mulberry; What’s Going On?

Its been a year since Emma Hill stepped down from the helm of Mulberry, and the label still hasn’t found a new creative director to replace her. Fran Stringer, head of Ready-to-Wear, led the way instead with this presentation set in surroundings inspired by Kew Gardens and the English countryside.


The brand seems to be using this alone time to really go back to its roots, to revolutionise classic British charm into something modern and youthful.  Utilitarian coats and cropped jackets broke up the prettier dresses, covered in flowers (delphiniums, I’m told) and lace.


The main thing to note here is the bag; entitled the Delphie, it can be worn six ways, including as a clutch, a satchel or a handbag. Its a smart little piece, with adjustable straps and a front fold which flips to reveal a different colour or texture.


The garden theme is continued in panels of mesh, which evokes trellis, and in the thick, clumpy shoes which closely resemble garden clogs.


Without Hill’s dynamic leadership, Mulberry’s latest offerings feel as though they are lacking something; or perhaps this comes down to the fact that they were exhibited on mannequins, which feels so very static and dull. All in all, a fairly safe, commercial collection, but a very beautiful one nonetheless.