Temperley; What’s Going On?

This season marked the first Spring/Summer show since Temperley London merged its glamorous, red-carpet-ready mainline with the slightly more casual, much more affordable aesthetic of Alice by Temperley; and it seems that the result is a hybrid that is stronger and more self-assured than the two branches were individually. Temperley herself stated that concentrating her vision had been a good idea; “it was great to focus solely on an amazing show collection with more daywear, core pieces and loads of very versatile separates,” she explained, before the show began.


“I was inspired by colour and print from very naughty Japanese paintings, woodblock prints, surreal sea creatures and lots of mixing of layers and kimono references with our looks both for day and evening,” she went on.


The “very naughty” paintings of which she speaks are shunga paintings; a form of Japanese erotic art. Long, breezy kimonos decorated with vibrant prints channel this influence most directly, but there’s also something of a Japanese aesthetic in the loose, wide-legged trousers, and the flowing chiffon dresses.


And then there were those suits, covered in patterns and tailored to a sort of loose, bohemian perfection which hit that elusive note of I’m not trying hard at all. “I’m obsessed with suits,” Temperley explained. “I’ve just made seven for each day of the week.”


Elsewhere, soft scarves, short shorts, and daring splits up skirts and down blouses contributed to that youthful, almost streetwise turn that Temperley seems to have taken. “The Temperley girl is more relaxed with a very sexy attitude,” the designer said, and that is very much true; but she is so much more than that. A stylish set of designs that anyone could work into their daily wardrobe.