Alberta Ferretti; What’s Going On?

Alberta Ferretti is known for her creation of beautiful, feminine clothes; and her latest designs are certainly that, the uniform of a glamorous nature’s child dancing around somewhere in 1970s LA.


Ferretti designs clothes to make a wearer look and feel beautiful; to transform a woman into a romantic heroine, into the star of their own slightly wistful, garden fairytale. Filmy gossamers seemed to hover around the models’ bodies, decorated with appliqué petals, tassels, delicately ragged hemlines and touches of embroidery.


Elsewhere, a lattice-like pattern, reminiscent of a pagoda interwoven with vines and pink flowers, decorated silk gowns, little dresses and flared skirts. The overall palette was pale and ethereal, in keeping with the style and shape of the designs themselves; pale blues, blushing pinks, lavenders and mint greens bloomed down the runway.


Suede fringing trailed from waistcoats and dresses; along with the lace-up gladiator sandal boots and the crocheted moccasin slippers, evoked a sort of forest-nymph/Pocahontas sort of feel. Bags were suede, also; satchels slung across the body, or little pouches held in one hand.


Silhouettes were long and floating, with skirts swirling around legs and vanishing into the air. Sheer panels hint at the skin below, whilst hair fell long and loose; adding to that bohemian, Joni Mitchell-esque aesthetic.


Ferretti doesn’t make clothes to shock or cause controversy; she makes dream-like, ethereal clothes fitting for some beautiful, glamorous otherworld. They may not be practical, but you can’t help but want to wear them.