Fausto Puglisi; What’s Going On?

Fausto Puglisi’s influences are certainly of a varied nature; a Sicilian with a lifelong love of Hollywood and Gianna Versace, his latest collection was inspired by a summer spent at home. His Greco-Roman heritage shone through in his sartorial aesthetics; he was particularly struck by geometric mosaics, which obviously find their place in the bold patterns and sun-like images which find their place in his designs (those suns, emblazoned across jumpers, also have a touch of Versace about them).


There was also a very strong 1960s feel about many of these pieces, particularly in the A-line silhouettes and slightly space-age metallics. Shoes were flat, with gladiator sandals knitting their way up legs to ground the overall looks firmly in the contemporary urban world.


Zipped Grecian column dresses elegantly skimmed the floor, whilst jumpers and dresses perforated with neat holes threw a little punk attitude into the exuberantly eclectic mix.


Those chunky leather jackets, with the wide lapels and slouchy shoulders, were unusual yet somehow compelling, whilst patterned mini-dresses broke up the heavier looks with their longer hemlines.


However, it is surely in those patterns that Puglisi’s skill most shines; the monochromatic prints are perhaps the most successful, somehow managing to bring two incredibly disparate visual references – ancient mosaics and 1960s optical art – together into one incredibly alluring hybrid. Together with those slouchy silhouettes and artfully layered separates, Puglisi has managed to create a set of clothes which feel very current; and very cool.

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