Etro; What’s Going On?

Veronica Etro’s latest collection may have tapped into the overwhelmingly popular 1970s aesthetic that we have been seeing over the past few weeks, but her approach was slightly different to the approaches of many of her contemporaries; there is an ease about her clothes, despite their beauty; an ease which does not lend itself to anything too assertive or sexual, which other designers have been focusing on as of late. This was a collection about freedom, and in more ways than one.


“I was thinking about an artist who is living in the middle of nowhere in the desert, adorning and transforming what she wears, bringing her own personality to it,” said designer Veronica Etro, talking about the ideas behind this collection. The show notes, meanwhile, described the Etro woman as one who has risen from the sand of the desert; an exotic adventurer, a creature of myth and mirage.


Whatever way you look at it, Etro’s latest designs epitomised the sort of bohemian free-spirit that one might encounter at a mid-American festival, laden with beads and colourful embroidery. Every piece pulsates with youthful energy and femininity, particularly those billowing skirts and the layers of swirling material which gently wrapped themselves around the body.


Indeed, that idea of living wild and free was mirrored in the lived-in textures and fabrics. Etro said she didn’t want anything to feel to stiff or new, even washing the most delicate of silks to achieve that slightly worn affect. The designer is evidently something of a non-conformist herself; in this technologically-focused age, she herself admits that she much prefers the handmade and the imperfect to the serialized and industrial. The concept of this collection, centered around an artist who lives freely and creates her own clothes, reflects this idea; as do the final designs themselves.


The colour palette also had that slightly faded, dusky feel about its pinks and blues, many of which were also printed with Etro’s trademark paisley print. Suede fringing swished from jackets, dresses and even knee-high boots, with the odd Native American dreamcatcher worked into the mix. “I’m not particularly interested in festivals and gatherings, but I am inspired by the energy that arises from being close to nature in its wildest state,” Etro explained.


It certainly seems that some of that energy has infused itself into Etro’s breezy and decidedly pleasant spring/summer 2015 range. Now we just have to wait for the weather to get warmer again.