Giamba; What’s Going On?

Prada has Miu Miu, Versace has Versus and, as of this season, Giambattista Valli’s eponymous label also has a younger sibling; Giamba has been born.


We are used to seeing Valli’s couture and ready-to-wear masterpieces in Paris, and, as the designer pointed out when he unveiled news of the Giamba launch, this was to be “another side of the same coin.”


Indeed, these were the feminine silhouettes and beautiful dresses with which we are familiar, but designed with the younger generation in mind. Those skirts were fuller and shorter, revealing sheer spotty tights (which I just love, by the way). Some were covered in hand-painted prints of fruit trees and ribbons, whilst others were accented with delicate embroideries.


The shoes, meanwhile, were high and platform, with crystals scattered across the heels for an extra sense of youthful glamour. As for the colour palette, it was graphically simple, with clothes rendered almost entirely from black, white and yellow, with the odd touch of pale pinks for that extra whisper of Valli-Femininity.


The overall sense of light prettiness was perfectly undercut by the black bralettes, which were starkly visible beneath delicate, sheer white dresses which evoked the illusion of innocence; Valli got the balance just right with this.


A debut collection this may have been, but it is a mark to both Valli’s creative vision and his skill as a craftsman that it did not feel like one. The pieces were self-assured, with a consistent yet strong aesthetic, and there was a great deal to get excited about, from the looks as a whole to the little details that made them what they were (those rose-tinted glasses were a nice touch).


Giamba’s target market is obviously young, stylish women who want something pretty, but with a touch of edge; someone exactly like me, except with more money. And, if I am anything to go by, Valli is spot on with knowing what his market want; I love these clothes.