Versace; What’s Going On?

“I didn’t look at the archive, I didn’t want to add decoration. I just wanted to think about an easy wardrobe. What a woman wants to wear.” Donatella Versace explained, and indeed this was Versace with a modern, carefree twist.


This was a fresh, bold, stripped back Versace; this was Versace for the youth, Versace for the streets (the rich youths of very exclusive streets, of course).  There was less black than usual; it was still there, obviously, but it was interspersed between bright, colourful optic prints of the house’s iconic Medusa motif and signature chains, reinterpreted in scrawled, hand-drawn form.


Silhouettes were also stronger, bolder and simpler than we have seen in the past, from shift dresses with a slightly sixties vibe to sharply tailored pieces bisected by angular, graphic panels and white stitching.


The designs were almost modernist in their sensibility; colour-blocked cocktail dresses and asymmetric blocks of clashing reds, greens and pinks evoked a feeling of no-nonsense chic.


Of course, those typical Versace touches were still there; they were in the high slits up skirts and the slashes that revealed midriffs. They were there in the Greek patterns, which were blown up until they were abstract, almost unrecognisable, and embellished with glittering Swarovski crystals.


The designer also tapped in to the current trend for transparency, incorporating sheer panels of material in the sharply seductive way that only Versace can.


“This is about a fresh new Versace, one that is contemporary, clean and strong. It is the way women wear Versace now, and in the future,” Versace said. Contemporary, clean and strong; those words perfectly sum up these simple yet edgy pieces. The future of Versace is here, and its great.