Bottega Veneta; What’s Going On?

Tomas Maier’s latest collection from Bottega Veneta was made for any woman who has ever dreamed of having the elegance and poise of a ballerina. “I was looking at the way women work out and thought about a different way to work your abs – work on the barre,” said Maier, after the show. “Wouldn’t it be better to work on a ballet barre and focus on posture, instead of your six-pack?”


The opening group of looks consisted of sophisticated leotards, leggings and jogging pants, paired nonchalantly with soft suede jackets or sweaters; exactly the sort of thing a stylish dancer might wear en route to her studio.


Soft, pastel neutrals reigned throughout the collection, and the beautifully rich fabrics seemed to beg to be touched.


As the show progressed, we were given dresses imbued with a mid-century elegance and a stylishly demure aesthetic. Skirts were fairly long and full, with silhouettes pulled in at the waist in a manner that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1950s. Light cardigans were belted over dresses, whilst material fell softly around the models’ bodies, flaring at the hip; these are easy, comfortable clothes for ladies on the move. This was normcore at its most sophisticated.


Gingham also featured heavily, in pretty cardigans and dresses with pleated fronts, falling in layers of fabric around the models’ legs.


Many of the more evening-ready dresses were embellished with sequins and Swarovski crystals, but even these had a breezy ease about them, paired as they were with flat, woven leather lace-up flats.


Maier has a distaste for the sort of workout clothes one might commonly wear for the gym; “horrific spandex outfits,” he called them. But these were far from cheap-feeling, stretchy leotards or too-tight leggings. These are clothes to be comfortable in, but they also look impeccable; and that’s a great thing to achieve.