Roberto Cavalli; What’s Going On?

These clothes were apparently made to embrace “lightness, a vacation when life is a vacation,” with hints of a nautical aesthetic. These feel like the kind of clothes one might wear on a yacht in the Mediterranean; light, sophisticated, and at many points, colourfully romantic.


Cavalli opened with a brightly acidic, almost psychedelically patterned set of maxi dresses, with pleats folding artistically over one another and exotically demonstrating the house’s craftmanship.


However, not all the looks were this overtly bold; pastel and white tulle pieces, mixed with panels of delicate sequin beading and lace, felt completely feminine and lovely. Everything about the white cotton lace pieces were utterly exquisite, and the full length lace gowns were easily my favourite pieces from this collection.


Elsewhere, the famous Cavalli animal print was back in various guises; breezy zebra print gowns were accented with bright orange or blue lace, whilst glossy python and crocodile skin found its way into dresses, skirts, jackets and bags. Decadent and luxurious, ocelot printed dresses dazzled and trailed across the floor, as well as flipping high around thighs, shimmering with a whisper of silver.


Indeed, silhouettes were largely tall and sensual; short hemlines, figure-hugging dresses and plunging necklines dripped with feminine attitude.


Denim also made an appearance, but it was in a decidedly glamorous way; it was light, with slashes revealing sequin underskins and a worn, vintage feel. Similarly, the biker jacket was also given a touch of evening glitz, rendered in black lace and embellished with sequins.


Chunky flatform sandals gave the looks a contemporary edge, grounding the sequinned dresses and marabou trousers in some sort of reality; these were clothes of fantasy, of dreamy holidays and summers, but they were wearable. This is an incredibly beautiful set of clothes, one which surely any woman would love to wear.

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